How to Change Your NIN Phone Number Online in 2024 (NIMC)

Can I change my NIN phone number online?

If you’re wondering whether you can change your NIN phone number online (National Identification Number), the answer is a bit specific. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) allows changes in certain fields, and lucky for us, the phone number field is one of them. However, there is a condition.

Here are the details you can modify with NIMC’s approval:

  • Names — You can change your names if needed.
  • Date of Birth — If there’s a mistake or if it has changed, you’re allowed to correct it.
  • Geographical Location (Address) — Update your address if you’ve moved.
  • Phone Number — Yes, you can change your phone number.
  • Place of Birth (State and Local Government Area) — Corrections or updates are allowed.
  • Place of Origin — You can modify your recorded place of origin.
  • Father’s NIN — Make changes if necessary.
  • Father’s Town — Updates are allowed here.
  • Mother’s NIN — Similar to the father’s, you can change your mother’s NIN.
  • Mother’s Town — Updates are permitted.

How can I change my NIN phone number online

Now, let’s focus on changing your phone number associated with your NIN. Unfortunately, you can’t do this online independently. Here’s the process:

  1. You need to go to the location where you initially registered for your NIN.
  2. Once you get there, you can request changes to your phone number and any other approved details. The staff at the registration site will assist you through the modification process.

So like I said, while you can change your NIN phone number, the process requires an in-person visit to the registration site where you first registered. The National Identity Management Commission doesn’t currently allow individuals to make these modifications online.

You need to provide specific documents to the authorities if you want to make changes, regardless of the detail you wish to modify:

  • The original NIN slip given to you during the initial registration stage. Ensure it includes your Tracking ID details.
  • A printout of the RRR number received from the bank after completing the required payment.
  • A signed letter from you explaining the reasons for changing your phone number.
  • A supporting document validating the modification in the data field.

If you need to change your phone number because you lost your SIM or it got damaged, you’ll have to provide a Police report to support your request. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to any NIN registration center near you, preferably the one where you initially registered.
  1. Fill out a form provided by the center for modifying your phone number. If you can’t read or write, bring someone to assist you with the form.
  1. Hand over the filled form to a NIMC official. They will check if the details match the supporting documents you brought.
  1. Verify your details again to avoid errors.
  1. The NIMC official will collect your original NIN slip. You’ll be asked to return within three to five working days to collect your new slip. The service fee is around five hundred naira. Follow these steps to make the payment:
    • Visit Remita’s website.
    • Tap ‘Pay Bills’.
    • Enter ‘National Identity Management Commission’ as the payee.
    • Choose ‘Modification of any other field other than DOB’ as the service.
    • Enter the amount to pay.
    • Provide your full name and phone number.
    • Complete the ‘I am not a robot’ verification.
    • Click ‘Verify’ and then ‘Submit’ to pay.
    • Print the invoice with the displayed RRR.
  1. Pay at your bank, use your card, USSD, internet banking, or a wallet. Print the receipt after payment. This will serve as proof when you visit the NIMC branch.

By following these steps, you can change your phone number associated with your NIN, and after payment, you’ll be ready to collect your updated NIN slip.

NIMC change of phone number

Changing your phone number with the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a straightforward process, and it comes with a fee of five hundred naira. Unfortunately, this change cannot be done online. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Walk into any NIMC branch located near you.
  2. Ensure you have all the necessary documents for the phone number change.
  3. Submit your request, and you will be informed to wait for approximately five working days. If the network speed is high, it might be even quicker.
  4. After the processing time, return to the NIMC branch to collect your updated slip with the corrected phone number.

By following these steps and visiting an NIMC branch in person, you can easily change your phone number associated with your National Identity Number (NIN).

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