How to Block My Stolen or Lost MTN Sim Card in Nigeria 2024

How to block my stolen or lost MTN Sim card in Nigeria

Losing or having your MTN sim card stolen is never a pleasant experience. However, there’s a way to block it to prevent unauthorized use. In this post you’re going to know how to block your stolen or lost MTN Sim card in Nigeria.

Here’s a guide on how to do it using the internet:

How to block a Lost or Stolen MTN Sim Card Using Internet/Online

Before jumping into blocking your sim card online, consider calling your number from another phone. Sometimes, a kind person may have found it and wishes to return it. It’s worth a try. If calling doesn’t work or your phone is unreachable, follow these steps to block your MTN sim card online:

It’s important to get in touch with your network provider as soon as possible. Inform them about the loss or theft, and they can immediately start the process of blocking your sim card from their end.

If you need to initiate a sim card block, here are a couple of easy ways to reach your network provider:

  • Use another phone to call your network provider’s toll-free number. For MTN, the number is 300.
  • Reach out to your network provider through their official social media accounts or customer service email.
  • Many network providers have dedicated staff available to assist you promptly, especially during regular working hours.

By using these methods, you can quickly get in touch with your network provider and initiate the process to block your sim card, ensuring the security of your information.

How to Block MTN Sim Card from Another Phone

Did you know you can block your MTN sim card from another phone? Yes, it’s very possible and beneficial. This is particularly helpful if you can quickly access a colleague’s or family member’s phone after losing your own sim card.

If you’re wondering how to block your MTN sim card from another phone, the answer is YES, it can be done. Use any other phone that doesn’t have the lost sim card in it and follow the detailed steps for blocking your lost sim card which was provided in the prevoius section above.

What To Do Once Your Phone is Missing or Stolen.

By following these steps using a different phone, you can successfully block your lost MTN sim card, ensuring the safety of your information.

How to Protect Your MTN SIM from Unauthorized Access

Worried about the security of your SIM card? Follow these steps to lock your MTN SIM and prevent unauthorized access, especially if your SIM is lost or stolen:

  1. Go to the Settings on your mobile device.
  2. Scroll through and choose the Security option.
  3. Look for the option to configure SIM card lock.
  4. Click on “Lock” SIM card.
  5. Insert the default PIN code for the MTN SIM card, usually 00000.
  6. Press “CHANGE SIM card PIN code” to replace the default PIN with your unique 4-digit PIN code.
  7. Confirm your unique 4-digit PIN code.
  8. Switch off and then on your device to activate the SIM PIN code.

Now, every time you insert your SIM card or turn on your device, you’ll be prompted to enter your SIM PIN code, adding an extra layer of security. If you ever mistakenly enter the wrong PIN and your SIM asks for a PUK code, enter the correct PUK code if you have it.

Can’t Find Your PUK Code?

If you’re unable to locate your PUK code, follow these steps to get assistance:

Find the nearest MTN store and visit them in person, Dial the MTN customer service number, 300, for assistance or you Reach out to MTN on their social media client support platforms. Facebook: @MTNLoaded. Twitter: @MTN180

If your SIM card is lost, the person using it may turn it off initially. When they switch it on again, they’ll need to enter the SIM card PIN. If they guess the wrong PIN three times, the SIM card will be blocked.

By taking these steps, you can get help with your PUK code and prevent potential misuse of your SIM card.


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