UBA Reversal Code – How to Reverse Transactions on UBA Bank

UBA reversal code

In banking, it’s important to fix mistakes or errors in transactions. United Bank of Africa (UBA) uses reversal processes to correct mistakes and errors in your transactions. This allows them to undo incorrect transfers and return the funds to the appropriate accounts. This article will guide you through the UBA reversal code to reverse transactions on your UBA account.

Mistakes happen to everyone, especially when it comes to handling money. Sending money to the wrong person or entering the wrong amount is a common mistake that can happen to anyone and can also cause unnecessary stress.

United Bank of Africa (UBA) knows these mistakes can happen, so they’ve provided a solution just in case. But before we go to the solution, let’s first understand the common situations that might need you to reverse a transaction.

Why You Should Reverse Transactions on UBA

Incorrect Transfer of Funds

Sending money to the wrong person or entering the wrong amount are common mistakes that can happen. This could be because of a typing error or selecting the wrong recipient.

Failed Transactions

Failed transactions can indeed be frustrating. One thing I appreciate about UBA is how quickly they refund the debited amount back to their customer’s account. This makes it easier for customers to retry the transaction without wasting unnecessary time waiting for money to be refunded.

Double Deductions

Experiencing double deductions for a single transaction can be frustrating. It’s a common issue we face with banks sometimes. Thankfully, UBA’s reversal processes are there to fix such errors, they make sure their customers aren’t charged twice unfairly for the same transaction.

Now that we understand the situations that will need you to reverse a transaction, let me guide you on how to do it whenever you encounter such error or mistake with your UBA account.

How to reverse transaction on UBA

Reach Out to UBA Customer Support

If you encounter a transaction issue, the first step is to contact UBA’s customer support. Provide accurate details for that particular transaction such as the transaction IDs, account numbers, amounts involved, dates and any other necessary details they request.

Wait for Validation

Once you’ve provided the necessary information, UBA’s customer support team will verify your claim to ensure its authenticity.

Start Reversal Process

After verification, UBA will start the reversal process for your transaction. Processing times for transactions are not the same, so you’ll need to wait a little. Just keep an eye on your account for updates or notifications regarding the reversal

Confirm Transaction Reversal

Once UBA completes the reversal, they will notify you through text message or email. Verify and make sure that the funds have been returned to your account by checking your account statement or balance.


So, that’s how to reverse transactions on UBA account. Anytime you come across this issue in your transaction, don’t delay — reach out to UBA’s customer support right away. Acting fast gives you a better chance at reversing the transaction smoothly. And remember to always double check your transaction details before confirming the transaction. Keep note of your transaction IDs, dates, and other important details, they will be very useful to you if you ever need to reverse a transaction.