GLO WhatsApp Plan Code 2024 – Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Glo social bundle for whatsapp

Are you out of internet data but still want to chat with your friends and family on WhatsApp and other social apps? No problem! Here, you’ll learn about different Glo whatsapp plan and other social bundles that let you stay connected at a very affordable rate.

We know it’s difficult to find a data plan that’s both good and cheap. Even when you find one, it often runs out too fast, and you end up buying it over and over again because of how quickly it’s exhausted.

Sometimes, the reason foe this is because telecom companies zap up these data at a very high rate. In the end, you spend more money than you planned, especially if you mainly use data to chat with friends and family on WhatsApp and social media.

Instead of constantly spending more money on Glo’s regular monthly or weekly data plans, it’s smarter to go for their social bundle plan. It’s much cheaper and fits your needs better. Now, let’s see how you can sign up for the Glo WhatsApp plan and other social media platforms.

How to buy Whatsapp data on Glo

To get WhatsApp data plan on Glo, you’ll need to buy the Glo social bundle plan. It includes WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and it’s known as the WTF plan. Unlike other networks, Glo doesn’t offer a separate plan just for WhatsApp. It’s all bundled together with other social apps.

This is great because if you have friends on other platforms, you can stay connected to them too. Plus, buying one bundle saves you from subscribing to each app separately and saves you money.

If you only need WhatsApp, you don’t have to use the other social platforms included in the bundle. Just focus on WhatsApp, but remember you can still access Facebook and Twitter if you want, just use them moderately to avoid using up your data too fast.

Now, let’s check out the code for the Glo WhatsApp plan or Glo social bundle plan. Make sure you have enough airtime for the plan you want to subscribe to.

Glo whatsapp subscription code

To subscribe to the Glo WhatsApp social bundle plan, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *312# 
  1. Select “Data”
  1. Choose “Buy Data Plan”
  1. Select 1 for Auto-renew or 2 for One-Off
  1. Choose “Social Bundles” by selecting option 6
  1. Select “WTF (Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook) Bundles” by selecting option 1
  1. Finally, choose the package you want: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Or you dial *301#.

Here are the available Glo social bundle packages:

  • N25 for 100MB valid for 1 day.
  • N50 for 200MB valid for 7 days.
  • N100 for 500MB valid for 30 days.

To check your Glo WhatsApp or social bundle balance, dial *323# or *310# or send INFO to 127 via text message. You’ll receive details of your social bundle balance and its validity.

If you chose the Auto-Renew feature and want to stop the Glo social bundle from renewing automatically, go to your text message and send CANCEL to 127. You can also cancel your glo auto renewal by dialing *312#, then Select option 1 – Data Plans, Select Cancel Auto-renewal.

Done! You have successfully cancelled the automatic renewal of your subscription.


The Glo WhatsApp and social bundle plan make it easy for you to stay connected online. For as little as 25 naira, you can reach out to your family and friends on social media. Thanks to Glo for offering this affordable data plan to their customers. We hope to see more friendly data plans like this from telecom giants in the future!