How to Use Tracking ID to Get NIN (National Identity Number)

The NIN registration became mandatory, and you might be wondering why. Well, it’s all about managing identities in the country. When you connect your NIN to various places and networks you use, it becomes easy for someone to find you if needed. Now, let’s talk about the tracking ID, which is a part of your NIN details.

Think of the tracking ID as a term for the NIN digits themselves. It’s like a special code that helps in figuring out who’s who in the country. It’s like your digital fingerprint in the country’s big information system. It’s there to help keep everything in order and ensure that your identity is correctly recorded.

So, the government puts all the details of people living in the country into a big digital system called the National Identity Database. Your NIN, which is an eleven-digit number, is like your personal tag in this database.

The tracking ID (NIN) is important for making sure everyone’s details are sorted out and stored properly. It helps in keeping things organized and makes it easier for the government to manage and identify individuals in the country.

The whole idea of tracking IDs is possible because each NIN number is unique. No two people share the same NIN. The only time your NIN won’t be in the system is after you pass away. The people in charge of NIN make sure the person is really gone before removing their details.

How to Find Your Tracking ID

After you finish signing up for NIN, you’ll get a paper called a transaction document. Here’s how to find your NIN:

  1. Wait for five working days (sometimes more, depending on when you signed up).
  2. Go back to the office where you enrolled for NIN.
  3. Show them your transaction slip as proof that you started the process.

The office will process your slip and give you a new one with your National Identification Number (NIN). This number has eleven digits and is at the upper left corner of the sheet they give you.

The tracking ID in NIN comes out to be useful for the following;

  • National ID Card — Your tracking ID (NIN) is needed to get your National ID card, which is an official identification document.
  • National Passport — When you want to get a national passport for travel, your NIN is required.
  • Bank Account Opening — To open a bank account, the bank will ask for your NIN to identify you properly.
  • Driver’s License — Getting a driver’s license involves using your NIN as a crucial identification step.
  • Permanent Voter’s Card — When obtaining a permanent voter’s card for voting, your NIN is necessary.
  • Tax Payment — Your NIN is required when you’re paying taxes, making the process smoother and more accurate.
  • Pension Scheme Transactions — When dealing with your pension, your NIN is used to ensure secure and reliable transactions.
  • Security — Your NIN can be used to check any transactions that might have security concerns, ensuring safety in financial activities.

Can I use my tracking ID to get my NIN number?

Many people are wondering if they can use their tracking ID to find their NIN number. The simple answer is NO!

The tracking ID is the special code you get on the slip after enrolling for NIN. To actually get your NIN number, you need to go back to the enrollment center. There, they will give you a slip that contains your NIN. Usually, you can get this final slip about a week after enrolling.

If the time they told you has passed, you can also type *346# on your device’s keypad with the number you used for registration. This will let you print out the NIN slip.

Checking NIN Status

To see if your NIN is ready, visit the National Identity Management Commission website. Scroll down and click on the ‘e-ID card status portal.’

Fill in your first and last name, along with your NIMC check training identification details. After that, click ‘Check Now’ to find out the status of your registration.

In simple terms, your tracking ID alone won’t give you the NIN number. You need to go back to the enrollment center to get the official slip with your NIN, or you can use a specific code if enough time has passed. Checking the status online is another way to know if your NIN is ready.

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Retrieve Your Nin Tracking ID

How to use tracking ID to get NIN

If you want to use tracking ID to get NIN, follow these steps:

  1. Open your internet browser and type in this link:
  2. Click on the ‘Proceed’ icon.
  3. Fill in the spaces for your first name, last name, and your National Identification number. Here, use the digits from your tracking ID.
  4. Wait for a while to find out the status of your NIMC card.

Using the tracking ID won’t get you your NIN. The tracking ID is just a document you receive after the enrollment process. Your NIN is automatically processed and usually available about seven days after the initial registration. The slip with the tracking ID is mainly to show the enrollment center that you’ve started the process.

So, for getting your NIN, it’s best to head back to the enrollment site and collect the official slip. The tracking ID is handy only when you want to check the status of your NIMC card online.


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