Free NIN Verification 2024 – How can I verify my NIN Online?

The National Identity Number (NIN) is a crucial identification for Nigerians, and it’s essential to not only have it but also verify it. This 11-digit number is designed to confirm and authenticate the identity of an individual.

While the NIN verification is intended to be a free process, there are instances where non-accredited agents, claiming to be accredited, may charge fees as high as N5,000 for this service.

It’s important to note that you should not pay anyone for NIN verification. There are free ways to do it as instructed by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

And it’s important to follow the guidelines set by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). Avoid paying fees to non-accredited agents and instead visit an accredited NIN registration center to ensure a legitimate and free verification process.

Free NIN verification

If you need to verify your National Identity Number (NIN), you can follow these steps using the NIMC Verification Service via the NIN Verification Portal.

Alternatively, you can perform the verification yourself via the NIN Verification Portal. Enter the necessary data as prompted on the portal. An accredited agent at any NIMC office can assist you with the verification process. Simply provide them with the required data.

Ensure you know your NIN number. If you don’t have it, you can easily retrieve it through available methods below.

How to Check Your NIN Number

If you need to retrieve your NIN number, you can easily do it using your registered phone number with the NIN. Here’s how:

  1. On your mobile phone, dial the USSD code *346# and press send. It works on all networks, including MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel, etc.
  2. On the USSD menu that appears, type in the number corresponding to the NIN retrieval option and send.
  3. Your NIN will be sent to your phone as a text message. Note that a service fee of NGN 20 will be deducted from your airtime balance.

Note: This method only works if the phone number is linked to the NIN.

Once you have your 11-digit NIN number, you can proceed to verify it on the NIN verification portal. Follow these steps below.

How to verify NIN online

The internet has made many tasks easier, and the NIMC has embraced this by providing an online platform—the NIN verification portal. This portal allows individuals and corporations to verify details stored in the National Identity Database using the NIN.

It enables you to verify your NIN from the comfort of your home, ensure that the details stored in the National Identity Database are correct and confirm the validity of your NIN. Here’s How to Verify Your NIN Online:

  1. Go to the official NIN Verification Portal at
  1. Find the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  1. Scroll through the menu and click on the option that says ‘Verify NIN.’
  1. On the verification page, enter the 11-digit NIN in the dedicated space.
  1. There might be an anti-bot verification challenge. Enter the security code correctly in the provided space.
  1. Click on the ‘Submit’ button below the details you’ve entered.
  1. A pop-up display will appear on the screen showing your NIN verification results. It will indicate if your NIN is verified or not.
  1. If the pop-up indicates that your NIN is not verified, give it another try or you visit any nearby NIMC office for further assistance.

With this official NIMC portal for NIN verification you can get instant verification results on the screen. The process is straightforward, with clear instructions.

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