How to Check if My First Bank Account Has Been Upgraded (2024)

Did you recently go for an account upgrade and you want to check if your First Bank account has been upgraded? Look no further, you’re in the right place.

Upgrading your First Bank account can bring numerous benefits and enhance your overall banking experience. Here are a few reasons why you should consider an upgrade:

  1. Enhanced Banking Features:
    • Upgrading your account often provides access to more personalized banking services and features that were not previously available. This can include priority customer service, special offers, and exclusive deals.
  2. Higher Transaction Limits:
    • An upgraded account allows for higher daily transaction limits. This means you can transfer or receive larger sums of money without restrictions, making it easier to manage your finances, especially for business transactions or large purchases.
  3. Improved Credit Eligibility:
    • With an upgraded account, you might become eligible for better credit facilities, such as loans and credit cards, often with more favorable terms and conditions. This can help you in planning larger financial goals, like buying a home or expanding a business.

How to check if my First bank account has been upgraded

If you have recently requested an upgrade and want to verify if it has been processed, here are a few ways to check:

  1. Log In to Your Online Banking:
    • The most straightforward method is through First Bank’s online banking portal. If you haven’t registered yet, you can easily do so on their website.
    • After logging in, navigate to the “Account Details” section within your dashboard. Here, you can view your account status and see if the upgrade has been applied.
  2. Contact Customer Support:
    • If you cannot find the information online, you can always reach out to First Bank’s customer support. They are equipped to check your account status and provide you with the necessary details.
  3. Visit a Branch:
    • For those who prefer in-person interactions, visiting the nearest First Bank branch is a good option. The bank staff can assist you in checking your account status and confirm if the upgrade has been completed.
  4. Check Notifications:
    • First Bank will send notifications regarding the upgrade of your account through email, text messages, or their mobile app. Ensure that you regularly check these communication channels to stay updated on your account status.

By upgrading your First Bank account, you open up a world of enhanced banking services, higher transaction limits, and improved credit options. If you have gone through the upgrade process, these steps will help you confirm that your account has been successfully upgraded.

First Bank Account Upgrade Online

If you’re considering upgrading your First Bank account but would prefer to do so from the comfort of your home, here’s what you need to know:

Upgrading your First Bank account can provide numerous benefits, such as additional features and access to a wider range of banking services. Unfortunately, First Bank does not currently offer a direct online process for upgrading accounts. However, there are still ways to initiate the upgrade without visiting a branch in person. Follow the steps below.

  • Reach out to First Bank’s customer service or your account manager. You can do this via phone, email, or through the bank’s official website.
  • Inform the representative that you wish to upgrade your account and would prefer to do so without visiting the bank in person. Ask for any available alternatives that can accommodate your request.
  • The customer service representative or your account manager will provide you with available alternatives for upgrading your account remotely. They might suggest options like submitting documents via email or using the bank’s mobile app, if available.
  • You will need to provide certain information to proceed with the upgrade. This may include personal details, your account number, and any necessary identification documents as required by the bank.
  • After gathering the required documents, submit them as instructed by the bank representative. This could be via email or another secure method provided by the bank.
  • Once you have submitted your upgrade request and all necessary documents, First Bank will review your application. This process may take some time, so patience is essential.
  • After your upgrade is approved, you will gain access to all the enhanced features and perks that come with an upgraded First Bank account. These benefits might include higher transaction limits, improved credit facilities, and more personalized banking services.

While First Bank does not offer a direct online upgrade process, it is still possible to initiate your account upgrade from your own comfort by contacting customer service and following their guidance. By doing so, you can enjoy the convenience of an upgraded account with enhanced features without needing to visit a branch in person.

First Bank Account Upgrade Form

If you prefer to fill out the First Bank upgrade form in person, you can easily do so by visiting any First Bank branch near you. Here’s a quick guide on how to proceed:

  1. Locate the nearest First Bank branch and go there during business hours.
  2. Ask the bank staff for the account upgrade form. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork.
  3. Fill out the form with accurate information. The staff will be available to assist you if you have any questions or need help with specific sections.
  4. Once you have completed the form, submit it to the bank staff along with any required documents, such as identification and proof of address.
  5. The bank will review your submission. This process may take a little time, so be patient while they process your request.


Upgrading your First Bank account, whether online or by visiting a branch, is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your banking experience. It’s important to know whether your account has been upgraded to ensure you are making the most of the available services.

Upgraded accounts often come with numerous advantages such as, ability to perform larger transactions without daily restrictions, enjoy enhanced banking services and personalized support and improved eligibility for loans and credit cards with favorable terms.

By following the methods outlined above, you can easily check if your First Bank account has been upgraded. Choose the method that is most convenient for you and enjoy the benefits of an enhanced banking experience.