MTN Cheap Data Code 2024 – Prices & Subscription Codes

MTN Cheap Data Plan

Managing your data on a tight budget can be frustrating. Fortunately, MTN offers affordable data plans that can help you save money while staying connected. Here’s how you can get the best MTN cheap data codes with your registered MTN SIM card. Make sure you have a functional mobile device ready!

MTN Cheapest Data Plan

While there are many MTN data plans available, everyone wants the cheapest option to save the most money while still getting great value for their money. Let’s talk about one of the best deals available—the MTN Double Data Plan.

The MTN Double Data Plan is one of the most cheapest and options. With this plan, you get double the data for every purchase. Basically, you will receive a 100% bonus on each data plan you buy. This means you get twice the amount of data for the same price, providing excellent value for your money.

For example, if you subscribe to a 5GB monthly plan, you will receive an additional 5GB of data for free. This bonus data is not a lower-quality or limited-time offer; you can use it just like your regular data without any restrictions.

MTN offers fantastic data plans to help you get more value for your money. Two of the best options are the MTN Double Data Plan and the Data4Me service. Here’s how you can activate and enjoy these offers.

Mtn double data code

  • To start enjoying the MTN Double Data Plan, follow these steps:
  • Open your SMS app and send the word ‘Promo’ to the number 312.
  • You’ll get a message saying, “Thank you for your request for device bundle at 1 naira per day.”
  • Reply to the message by texting ‘1’ back to 312.
  • Once activated, you can choose any data plan, such as:
    • 3GB for 1000 Naira
    • 4GB for 1200 Naira

You’ll receive double the data for any plan you subscribe to.

Mtn data4me code

The MTN Data4Me plan offers huge data bundles at affordable prices. Here’s how to activate it:

  • On your phone, dial *121# to access the Data4Me service.
  • You’ll see a list of options on your screen. Enter ‘3’ to choose the Data4Me bundle.
  • You will see several cheap MTN data bundles. Some offers might include:
    • 24GB for 3500 Naira
    • 2GB for 500 Naira
    • 40GB for 5000 Naira
    • 9GB for 2000 Naira

Note: The available bundles may vary depending on your usage and eligibility.

To check your data balance for any MTN data subscription, you can dial *312*4# on your phone Or send ‘2’ as a text message to 312.

By using MTN’s Double Data and Data4Me plans, you can enjoy more data for less money. Follow the simple steps outlined above to activate these plans and keep track of your data balance to maximize your usage. MTN makes it easy to stay connected at an affordable rate.

Cheap mtn data bundles

Finding affordable data plans can be challenging, but MTN offers several budget-friendly options to keep you connected without wasting your money. Here’s a guide to the cheapest MTN data bundles available and how to access them.

To find the most pocket-friendly MTN data plans, follow these steps:

On your phone, dial *312# to access the MTN data menu.

  • Choose option 1 for ‘Data Plans.’
  • Select option 1 for ‘Daily Plans’ or option 2 for ‘Weekly Plans.’
  • You will see some of the cheapest MTN data plans available, including:
    • Daily Plans:
    • 50 Naira for 50MB
    • 100 Naira for 200MB
  • For the Weekly Plans:
    • 300 Naira for 350MB
    • 500 Naira for 1GB

Additionally, there is the 25 Naira night plan for those who use data mostly at night.

MTN Data4Keeps Bundle

MTN’s Data4Keeps bundle offers long-term data plans that are valid for 12 months, allowing you to save even more over time. To access it dial *136*2*999#: This code will lead you to the Data4Keeps bundle options. To join the Data4Keeps service, dial *136*4*7#. You can also register for this service online.

The Data4Keeps service provides data plans that are valid for up to 12 months, making it easier to manage your data usage over a longer period.


We hope this guide to MTN’s cheap data bundles helps you find an affordable way to stay connected. By following the steps outlined above, you can access various budget-friendly data plans, whether you need data for a day, a week, or even a year. Share this information with your family and friends to help them save on data costs as well. If you found this post helpful, please share and comment below. Staying connected doesn’t have to be expensive with MTN’s variety of affordable data options.