How to Convert MTN Pulse Points to Airtime and Data (2024)

How to convert MTN Pulse points to airtime

If you’re an MTN Pulse tariff user with accumulated Pulse points, you might be wondering how to make the most of them instead of letting them go to waste. One way to utilize your MTN Pulse points is by converting or redeeming them. Here’s how you can convert your Pulse points to airtime or data.

Each Pulse point is equivalent to N1. For example, if you have 10 pulse points, they are valued at N10, and 200 pulse points are equal to N200.

Imagine having a significant number of pulse points and no available airtime. You might want to convert them for making calls.

However, it’s important to note that you cannot use MTN Pulse points to fund calls on the MTN network. Pulse points are specifically designated for purchasing data for personal use.

If you’re on the MTN Pulse tariff plan and have accumulated Pulse points, it’s important to know that converting them to airtime is not an available option. However, you do have three alternative options to use your Pulse points:

  1. Data Bundles
  2. Nightlife Bundles
  3. IG/TikTok Bundles

While it might be a bit disappointing that converting to airtime isn’t an option, you still need to understand the available choices. The MTN Pulse tariff plan primarily focuses on data bonuses rather than voice bonuses. Nevertheless, it still provides reasonable call rates.

MTN Pulse users enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k/sec for calls to any network in Nigeria. The first minute of the day is charged at 25.6k/sec, and from the second minute onward, the rate drops to 11.26k/sec.

Special data plans and night data bundles are also exclusive to MTN Pulse users. 750MB for N300: Valid for 3 days. 1.5GB for N500: Valid for 1 week. Night Data Plans (Nightlife Bundles): Exclusive data plans usable from 11PM to 6AM.

To enjoy these benefits and accumulate Pulse points, migrate to MTN Pulse:

  • Dial *406# on your phone to start the migration process.
  • Alternatively, use the direct USSD code *406*1# or *123*2*2# for migration.

Migration is free of charge if no tariff plan changes were made in the current month. If you’ve changed plans within the month, a N100 migration fee applies, and you need at least N100 airtime in your balance.

How to Convert MTN Pulse Points to Data

Before converting your Pulse points to data, make sure you have enough points for the desired data plan, as 100 pulse points are equal to N100 worth of data.

Checking Pulse Point Balance:
  • To check your Pulse point balance, dial *406#.
  • Press 7 for Pulse Points, then press 1 and send.
  • Alternatively: Dial *406*7*1# to directly check your Pulse point balance.

If you just migrated to MTN pulse, it is safe to assume you do not have enough pulse points yet to purchase data. You need to gather enough to purchase data. Earn MTN Pulse points when you do the following when you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan.

  • Purchase selected daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles.
  • Gift data to loved ones.
  • Subscribe to MTN Music Time.
  • Purchase IG/TikTok bundles.
  • Engage in activities on the myMTN app, such as logging in or transferring airtime/data.

The number of Pulse points depends on the amount of data you purchase. Larger data purchases result in higher Pulse point rewards.

If you’ve just migrated to MTN Pulse, you earn Pulse points. Note that you only receive this bonus on your first migration.

Now, to convert your pulse points to data, make sure you have accumulated enough Pulse points for the data plan you want. Dial *406# and navigate to the Pulse Point menu (Press 7, then 1). Select the option to convert or redeem your Pulse points for data.
Pulse points are valid until the end of the year (December 31st) and cannot be transferred. The bonus points for migrating to MTN Pulse are given only once during your initial migration.

In summary, converting MTN Pulse points to data involves checking your balance, accumulating points through specific activities, and then redeeming them for data using the provided USSD codes. Ensure you have enough points and be aware of their validity until the end of the year.

To convert your Pulse points to data,

  • Dial *406*7#.
  • Pressing 1 will bring up options for daily, weekly, or monthly data bundles.
  • Pressing 2 allows you to purchase Nightlife Bundles, usable only from 11 PM to 6 AM.
    • 250MB for 30 pulse points.
    • 500MB for 50 pulse points.
    • Purchase as many times as you want, within the fair usage policy of 2GB in a day.
  • Pressing 3 brings up IG/TikTok bundles:
    • 350MB for 100 pulse points.
    • 1GB for 200 pulse points.

Alternatively, when trying to purchase data, choose the specific data plan code and opt to pay with pulse points. A USSD pop-up will appear with “kindly select payment type.” Choose “points” to fund the purchase using your Pulse points.


Converting MTN Pulse points to data involves dialing the provided USSD code, selecting the desired data option, and either choosing from the available options or specifying the data plan code and opting to pay with Pulse points. This way, you can effectively use your accumulated Pulse points for data bundles that suit your needs.

how to convert mtn pulse point to data


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