How to Use MTN mPulse Data for All Apps in 2024

Today, we’re discussing whether you can use your MTN mPulse bundle on all the apps on your phone or any other device, and how you can do it. Many people wonder about this when it comes to the MTN mPulse tariff plan. But before we dive into the steps on how to use it on all apps, let’s understand what this mPulse plan is all about because having that knowledge can make everything clearer.

MTN mPulse is a popular tariff plan on the MTN network. It’s specifically designed for kids and teenagers aged 9 to 15 years. The main idea is to provide them with affordable data, which they can use to browse the internet for educational content while ensuring that what they access is appropriate for their age and safety.

MTN mPulse benefits

  • Data Bonus

When you buy airtime for the first time in the month, MTN mPulse gives you a bonus for using WhatsApp. Every time you recharge your airtime, mPulse also gives you an extra data bonus. On your first visit to any mPulse website, you receive a free 30MB bonus.

  • Birthday Bonus

MTN mPulse surprises you with a N200 worth of airtime as a birthday bonus.

  • Data Bundles

mPulse provides access to specific educational sites with lessons, tutorials, etc. There are special bundles offered by mPulse that are cheap and affordable, making it easier to access educational content.

  • Call and SMS Rates

You can make calls to all networks in Nigeria at a flat rate of 15.36 kobo/second. Sending SMS to all networks in Nigeria costs N4.

  • Airtime and Data Share

Parents can transfer airtime and data from their account to their children’s accounts.

  • Parental Control

Parents have the ability to monitor, limit, and control their children’s activities on mPulse, ensuring a safe online experience.

As you have seen, MTN mPulse offers a range of benefits, including bonuses for recharges, special birthday gifts, access to educational content, affordable bundles, flat call rates, easy sharing of airtime and data within the family, and parental control features for a secure online environment for kids and teenagers.

Does MTN mPulse Work for All App?

No, MTN mPulse doesn’t work for all apps. This is because mPulse is specifically designed for the growth and educational development of kids and teenagers. It’s tailored to provide a safe online environment, so it doesn’t support all apps and websites, only selected educational sites and apps. For instance, it does work with YouTube.

The data bundles available on MTN mPulse are named “Education Bundles,” emphasizing that the plan is carefully crafted to primarily support educational growth. So, while it may not cover all apps, it ensures that the online experience aligns with educational objectives.

How To Use MTN mPulse Data For All Apps

Using Samsung Max VPN
  1. Start by switching to the MTN mPulse tariff plan and subscribe to any of their data plans.
  2. Get the Samsung Max VPN from the internet or your Play Store.
  3. Install the app and open it on your device.
  4. On the app’s home screen, you’ll find “Mobile Data Saving Mode” and “Privacy Protection.” Turn them on. Once activated, you’ll see a key-like symbol on your screen.
  5. With the symbol indicating connection, you can now browse any site or download without the usual restrictions.
Using HTTP Injector VPN
  1. Download and install the HTTP Injector VPN from the internet or Play Store.
  2. Download the configuration file specifically designed for the MTN mPulse bundle.
  3. Launch the HTTP Injector VPN app. On the home page, tick the boxes next to “DNS (Google DNS)” and “Start SSH.”
  4. Look for the paper icon on the top right corner of the home page. Select “Import Configuration” and choose the downloaded file.
  5. After importing the file, hit “Start” to establish the connection. Once connected, you’re free to browse any site.

Before following these above steps, make sure you are on the MTN mPulse tariff plan. After migrating, you can enjoy the benefits of the mPulse plan, including its cheap data, and use it for any website or app with the help of the VPN methods mentioned above. Just remember, these steps are effective only if you are on the MTN mPulse plan. Here’s how to migrate below:

How To Set Mpulse To Power All Apps

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse

Through SMS

Go to your message, Type “mPulse” and send it to 344.

Using USSD Code
  1. Dial *344*1# or *123*2*3#.
  2. Follow the prompts that appear, and you’ll receive a message confirming the migration.
Using the MTN App
  1. If you have the myMTN App, open it. If not, download and install it.
  2. Log in or register if you’re a first-timer. On the top right corner of the home page, find the display of your current plan under the notification bell.
  3. Click on your current plan display, then on the next page, click on “Change Plan.”
  4. Choose mPulse from the available plans.
Using MTN Web Page
  1. Go to the official MTN website at
  2. Enter your phone number and click “Proceed.”
  3. Click “Send OTP” on the next page, enter the OTP received, and select “Proceed.”
  4. Click on your name at the top right corner, then select “My Plan.”
  5. Under “Other Plans,” click on “MTN Pulse” or “mPulse.”

By following any of these methods, you can successfully migrate to MTN mPulse and start enjoying its benefits, including data bonuses, affordable bundles, and features designed for kids and teenagers.


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