How to Check & Change Your NIN Date Of Birth on NIMC Online

How to check my NIN date of birth online

The National Identity Number (NIN) is essential for all Nigerian citizens. If you need to verify the date of birth provided during registration, you can use the USSD code *346# or visit the NIMC website at to check for your NIN date of birth details online..

You can also check your NIN date of birth online using the website Additionally, you can use the mobile application for NIN on your phone, as long as it’s connected to the Internet.

How do I change my date of birth on NIMC?

When you register for your NIMC, some details can be adjusted later if needed, while others cannot. Here are some details that can be changed:

  • Your name
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your geographical address(es)
  • Your place of birth (Local Government Area and State)
  • Your place of origin (State, Town, Village)
  • Your father’s NIN
  • Your mother’s NIN
  • Your father’s and mother’s Town and Village of Origin

However, there are some fields that cannot be changed once entered, such as your gender, NIN, state of registration, LGA of registration, polling unit, tracking number, originating center, ID card number, and fingerprints.

To change your date of birth in your NIMC records, you’ll need the following details:

  • Pay a fee of fifteen thousand naira (N15,000).
  • Original copy of the NIN slip issued during your initial registration.
  • Printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference Number received from the bank after payment. This should indicate whether the payment was made online or not.
  • A letter of application signed by the requester, explaining the reason for the change.
  • Supporting documents for the requested change, such as:
    • Sworn affidavit
    • Newspaper extract
    • Marriage certificate

These documents will help verify the authenticity of the requested change in your NIMC details.

To start the process of data alteration or modification in your NIN details, follow these steps below:

  1. Visit the NIN enrollment center where you initially registered. Alternatively, you can choose any other enrollment center. Ensure you bring along the documents supporting the changes and your letter of application.
  1. You’ll be provided with a form for the alterations or changes to your NIN details.
  1. An enrollment officer will assess the changes against the backup document.
  1. The officer will then input the new date of birth into the NIMC software. Make sure to verify the details before proceeding.
  1. If you’re satisfied with the details, the officer will capture your biometrics.
  1. After enrollment, you’ll receive a transaction slip as evidence. The previous NIN slip may be collected by the officer if the changes affect the information on that slip.
  1. You’ll be asked to return in approximately five working days to collect proof of the changes. The processing time depends on the network at the time.
  1. After the specified period, you’ll be issued a new slip with an updated NIN.
To make the payment when changing your date of birth, follow the procedures below;

To make the payment when changing your date of birth, follow these steps:

  1. Go to to start the payment process.
  1. Click on the ‘Pay Bills’ option.
  1. In the section for the recipient, enter ‘National Identity Management Commission.’
  1. In the service name section, type ‘Correction of Date of Birth.’
  1. Enter the amount you need to pay.
  1. Provide your full name and phone number.
  1. Complete the captcha verification process by ticking the checkbox and clicking ‘Verify.’
  1. Click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed with the payment.
  1. You’ll then receive a page with the RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference).
  1. Print the invoice and note down the RRR.
  1. Choose your preferred payment method, such as Card, USSD, Bank branch, Internet banking, or Wallet.
  1. Complete the transaction by clicking the ‘Pay’ button.
  1. Finally, print the invoice for your records.


Changing your date of birth on your National Identity Number (NIN) involves a straightforward process but requires some documentation and a fee.

By following the outlined steps and ensuring you have the necessary documents, you can initiate the modification process at any NIN enrollment center.

It’s very important to double check the entered details before finalizing the changes. Once completed, you’ll receive a new slip with the updated information. Remember to follow the payment instructions carefully when making the required fee.