Ibadan North Postal Code | ZIP Code (2024) – FULL LIST

Ibadan North is a local government area in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is part of the city of Ibadan. It has many important markets, schools, hospitals and landmarks. This post has compiled a list of Ibadan North Postal Code.

Ibadan North is a diverse and lively area. Because of this diversity, it can be confusing to know the correct postal codes for mailing letters or parcels to different parts of Ibadan North.

We have thoroughly researched and compiled a list of postal codes for different neighborhoods in Ibadan North. This serves as a guide for both individuals and businesses who want to make sure their mail gets to the right destination within Ibadan North.

This post aims to provide clarity on the postal code system to improve mail delivery for residents, companies and postal services. So we recommend bookmarking this page for future reference when sending anything by post to addresses in the local government area of Ibadan North.

Below are the postal codes of Ibadan north.

Ibadan north postal code


Abimbola Street200213
Adebayo Faleti Ave.200213
Adediran Street200213
Adeloye Street200213
Adeniran Job Street200213
Agbegba Street200213
Ajetunmobi Street200213
Akinfala Street200213
Alh. Lasisi Animasahu Street200213
Aloba Street200213
Amoo Est.200213
Ansar-ud-deen Rd.200213
Barika Street200213
Bodija Market Rd.200213
Igbalajobi Street200213
Ighodalo Street200213
Ilupeju Street200213
Irepodun Street200213
Iroko Street200213
J.K.I.C. Rd.200213
Latifu AlIi Street200213
Major Salawu Street200213
Makinde Cl.200213
Mofa Rd.200213
Morenikeji Street200213
Mustafa Street200213
Obadeyi Street200213
Odekunle Street200213
Okelola Street200213
Olajide Cl.200213
Olugbodi Street200213
Olawumi Street200213
Orogun Street200213
Samanda Ave.200213
Shehu Fakorede Street200213
Tokunbo Ojo Street200213
Agbowo/Orogun/Samonda Postcodes

Akobo/odogbo/Army Barracks

Adeoya Village Rd.200222
Akobo Rd.200222
Army Barracks Rd.200222
Bello Cl.200222
Irepodun Street200222
Akobo/odogbo/Army Barracks Postcodes

Alakia/Monatan/Pdc Estate

Ajadi Rd.200224
Alakia Layout200224
Amuda Ojere Street200224
Kajola Street200224
Monatan Rd.200224
Alakia/Monatan/Pdc Estate Postcodes

Dugbe/labaowo/ foko

Agbokojo Rd.200263
Akuro Rd.200263
Amunigun Street200263
Bank Rd.200263
Dugbe Area200263
Egunjenmi Street200263
Femi Johnson200263
Foko Street200263
Gege Adero200263
Isale Asaka Street200263
Isale Osi Street200263
Ita Maya Street200263
Ita Saku Street200263
Labaowo Rd.200263
Lebanon Cross Rd 1200263
Lebanon Cross Rd 2200263
Lebanon Cross Rd 3200263
New Court Rd.200263
Oba Adebimpe Street200263
Obisesan Street200263
Odunsi Street200263
Odutola Rd.200263
Ogunpa Street200263
Oredein Rd.200263
Osoba Rd.200263
Dugbe/labaowo/ foko Postcodes

Ibadan polytechnic/ University of Ibadan

Adebayo Street200284
Ajibode Rd.200284
Akorede Street200284
Alaro Street200284
Alenuloke Street200284
Apo Eso Street200284
Atiba Rd.200284
Bembo Street200284
Church Street200284
Ganiyu Adebayo Street200284
Ibadan Polytechnic200284
Idito Street200284
Isopako Igbajo Rd.200284
Loko Street200284
N. I. S. E. R.200284
Odugbemi Street200284
Onile Aro Rd.200284
Polytechnic Rd.200284
Surulere Street200284
Taiwo Street200284
Trinity Rd.200284
Ibadan polytechnic/ University of Ibadan Postcodes

Iwo Rd. / Basorun /Agodi GRA

Abiodun Street200223
Ajibodu Street200223
Akankuku Street200223
Akinola cr.200223
Akinwumi Street200223
Akinyele Church Rd.200223
Basorun Street200223
Bode Wasinmi Street200223
Bola Babalakin cr.200223
Fajinmi Street200223
General Gas Street200223
Iwo Rd.200223
Kayode Esho cr.200223
N.T.A. Rd.200223
Officer’s mess200223
Oladoja Street200223
Olakanmi Cl.200223
Oluwo Nla Street200223
Oluwo Kekere Cl.200223
Raimi Oladejo Cr.200223
Subuola Street200223
Iwo Rd. / Basorun /Agodi GRA Postcodes


Abedi Cl.200272
Abiodun Cl.200272
Afontaa Street200272
Akinola Maja Ave.200272
Akintola Ave.200272
All Saint Rd.200272
Aska Rd.200272
Baale Akintayo Rd.200272
Babalola Cl.200272
Benjamin Rd.200272
Chief Oluseye Street200272
Ejiwumi Street200272
Idishin Street200272
Jare Alade Street200272
Jericho G.R.A.200272
Kudeti Ave.200272
Mobil Cl.200272
Magazine Rd.200272
National research Rd.200272
Oba Otudeko Street200272
Oluyemi Street200272
Onireke GRA200272
Onireke Layout200272
S. Ade Street200272
Yesufu Ave.200272
Jericho/idishin Postcodes

New bodija/ikolaba/Agodi

Abasi Street200221
Adebajo Street200221
Adebayo Street200221
Ademiluyi Cl.200221
Adenuga Street200221
AIIen Cl.200221
Ajagungbade Street200221
Akingbola Street200221
Akinloye Layout200221
Akinsehiwa Street200221
Akinyele way.200221
Atiba Cl.200221
Bamiji Ojo Street200221
Bashorun Rd.200221
Bodija Rd.200221
Ehdotan Street200221
Ekunola Street200221
Esho Ishola200221
Ete Cl.200221
Fijabi Cl.200221
Ibahim Taiwo Street200221
Ikolaba Ave.200221
Kenneth Dike way.200221
Kunle Abass Street200221
Ladapo Street200221
Lagelu Cl.200221
Ladoke Akintola Street200221
Many unnamed Rd.200221
Mission Street200221
Moremi Street200221
Mount Olivet200221
Oba Akinyele Street200221
Odeku Cl.200221
Ogunmola Ave.200221
Oke Arapasopo Street200221
Okunola Abass Street200221
Oladimeji Otiti Cr.200221
Oladunni Ayandipo Street200221
Olayinka Dve.200221
Olubadan Cr.200221
Olubi Street200221
Olumbe Bassir Dve.200221
Oluyole way.200221
Onikoko Ave.200221
Oshin Street200221
Osuolale Street200221
Paul Hendricks Street200221
Saka Agbaja Ave.200221
Secretatriat Rd.200221
Shoun Street200221
Solel Boneh way.200221
Tunji Bello Street200221
New bodija/ikolaba/Agodi Postcodes

Oke ado/Challenge/Molete

Abiodun Close Cl.200252
Adebiyi Road Rd.200252
Ademola Adenekan Street200252
Adeniji Street200252
Adeola Road Rd.200252
Adeoye Street200252
Adesina Crescent Cr.200252
Ajagbe Road Rd.200252
Ajanla Street200252
Ajeigbe Street200252
Ajeloreawo Street200252
Amole Bye Pass200252
Amuletigbo Street200252
Bamigboye Close Cl.200252
Binukonu Street200252
Bolarinwa Street200252
Bolumole Street200252
Challenge Street200252
Chief Gbadederin Street200252
Dapo Layode Street200252
Elewura Street200252
Entoki Street200252
Esho Street200252
Fatoke Street200252
Ifelodun Street200252
Irepo Street200252
Joyce ‘B’ Road Rd.200252
Liberty Road Rd.200252
Morgan Street200252
N. T. C. Road Rd.200252
Odeyemi Close Cl.200252
Ogundipe Street200252
Ogunleye Street I Street200252
Ogunleye Street II Street200252
Oke Ado Market Road Rd.200252
Olowosesin Street200252
Olu Ayoola Street200252
Olukuewu Close Cl.200252
Oyesina Street200252
Oyinlola Avenue Ave.200252
Police Post200252
Soyombo Street200252
St Annes Cresent Cr.200252
Surulere Street200252
Oke ado/Challenge/Molete Postcodes

Old Bodija / U.C.H/ Mokola

LocationPost Code
Abiodun Akerele St.200212
Adenle St.200212
Adeyi Ave.200212
Alabiamo St.200212
Alayande Cl.200212
Alhaji Ajileye St.200212
Arigidi Cl.200212
Arulogun Cl.200212
Awolowo way.200212
Awosika St.200212
Beckley St.200212
Canon Akinyemi Cl.200212
Craig St.200212
Dejo Oyelese Cl.200212
Ede St.200212
Ekiti St.200212
Francis Okediji Rd.200212
Ibikunle Ave.200212
Ikare Cl.200212
Ilaro St.200212
Layi Osunkunle200212
Oba Akenzua St.200212
Oba Akinyele Ave.200212
Oba Olagbegi St.200212
Oba Oyewusi Cl.200212
Ogboriefon Cl.200212
Ojo lbadan St.200212
Okunade St.200212
Oluokun St.200212
Oluyoro St.200212
Ondo Cl.200212
Oranmiyan St.200212
Osun Cl.200212
Osuntokun St.200212
Premier Hotel Rd.200212
Rotimi Williams Rd.200212
Tape St.200212
Old Bodija / U.C.H/ Mokola Postcodes


Aiyekooto Street200282
Ajegunle Rd.200282
Akintola Street200282
Amisu Street200282
Army Barracks Rd.200282
Baale Latosa Rd.200282
Benjamin Ln.200282
Ifedapo Street200282
Jemibewon Rd.200282
Kalejaiya Ave.200282
Labe Labe Street200282
Oketunu Rd.200282
Okoro Rd.200282
Oladimeji Street200282
Olaiya Street200282
Olopade Street200282
Olorunsogo Street200282
Olusogo Street200282
Onifade Street200282
Oyebanji Street200282
Sotomi Street200282
U. S. C.200282
Sango/mokola Postcodes

Yemetu/oje/Oke/ Aremo

Adebale Street200211
Adekogbe Ln.200211
Adeoyo Rd.200211
Agbadagbudu Rd.200211
Alawada Street200211
Odo Oye Street200211
Ogunmola Street200211
Oke Aare Street200211
Oke Aremo200211
Olatinwo Street200211
Restitution Rd.200211
Sapati Street200211
Shola Alobe Ln.200211
Temidire Street200211
Total Garden200211
Yemetu Barrack200211
Yemetu/oje/Oke/ Aremo Postcodes

Ibadan North Local Government Area provides the benefits of both city and suburban living.

On one hand, it has the energy and excitement of a bustling city. Ibadan North contains busy commercial centers, markets, businesses, and educational institutions. There are also historic landmarks that reflect Ibadan’s rich cultural heritage.

For those seeking an urban lifestyle, Ibadan North provides opportunities for employment, entertainment, shopping and city amenities.

On the other hand, Ibadan North also has more residential districts and neighborhoods. For families and individuals that prefer a more suburban feel, these areas provide a relaxed pace of life and community. Homes are more spaced out and there is less congestion compared to the central city.

In essence, Ibadan North allows you to experience the perks of city living as well as quieter suburban neighborhoods. This diversity and blend of environments makes it an attractive local government for both working professionals and families. People can choose to reside in an area that best suits their lifestyle preferences.

The mix of urban and suburban features gives Ibadan North diversity and vibrancy as a place to live and work.