Airtel Talk More Code for 500% Bonus +Balance & Deactivation

The Airtel TalkMore Bundles offer incredible value, giving you five times the call value of the bundle you purchase. This means you get a 500% boost in the airtime you receive, which can be used for both calls and SMS. The TalkMore Bundles are versatile, allowing usage for local calls within Nigeria, international calls to the USA, UK, Canada, China, and India, and even for browsing.

TalkMore Bundles are available for both prepaid and postpaid Airtel users. To purchase TalkMore Bundles, dial *234# and choose your desired bundle from the USSD menu. Alternatively, dial *234*followed by the unique code for the desired bundle. For example, dial *234*60# for the N60 TalkMore bundle.

You can also use the Airtel TalkMore Direct Recharge code, *126*1*Recharge PIN#, to buy a TalkMore bundle directly with an airtime recharge pin. This option is available for recharge PIN vouchers of N100, N200, N300, N500, and N1000.

Note: For bundle values not available as recharge vouchers, like N150, you have to use the TalkMore bundle code.

Airtel talk more code to activate

Airtel offers a variety of TalkMore Bundles with specific codes for each bundle. To subscribe to a TalkMore Bundle, you can use the following codes:

  • N300 value for N60 — Dial *234*60#
  • N500 value for N100 — Dial *234*100#
  • N750 value for N150 — Dial *234*150#
  • N1,000 value for N200 — Dial *234*200#
  • N1,250 value for N250 — Dial *234*250#
  • N1,500 value for N300 — Dial *234*300#
  • N2,500 value for N500 — Dial *234*500#
  • N3,500 value for N700 — Dial *234*700#
  • N5,000 value for N1,000 — Dial *234*1000#
  • N7,500 value for N1,500 — Dial *234*1500#
  • N15,000 value for N3,000 — Dial *234*30#

Note: All bundles are valid for 30 days except the N60 for N300 bundle, which has a validity period of 3 days.

You can purchase more than one Airtel TalkMore bundle at a time. Purchases will be added cumulatively to your TalkMore bundle balance.

If you buy multiple TalkMore bundles, the validity of your balance will be the validity of the last purchased bundle. For example, if your current TalkMore bundle has 10 days remaining and you purchase another bundle, your balance’s validity will become 30 days.

TalkMore bundles can only be used for calls and browsing. It cannot be used for data purchase or transferred to another user.

Airtel talk more balance code

To check your Airtel TalkMore bundle balance, you need to use a specific USSD code instead of the default Airtel balance code.

Dial *123*5# on your phone. After dialing the code, you’ll be shown your current TalkMore bundle balance. The validity of the remaining balance will also be displayed.

Using this specific Airtel TalkMore balance code allows you to easily check the remaining balance on your TalkMore bundle and know how much value is left for calls and browsing.

Airtel talk more code to deactivate

There is no specific Airtel TalkMore code to deactivate the bundle once it’s purchased. The TalkMore bundle remains in your balance until it’s used up or until the end of its validity period. You cannot cancel a purchased TalkMore bundle.

To deactivate or stop using TalkMore, Simply stop purchasing additional TalkMore bundles. Recharge your airtime using the standard recharge code *126*PIN# to enjoy the regular recharge benefits associated with your current tariff plan.

Airtel TalkMore is not a tariff plan; it’s a 500% recharge bundle available to all Airtel prepaid and postpaid customers. It is not exclusive to a specific group, and all Airtel customers, regardless of their current tariff plan, can access Airtel TalkMore.

In summary, there is no specific code to activate or deactivate Airtel TalkMore. To stop using it, simply refrain from purchasing additional TalkMore bundles, and continue recharging using the standard recharge code for your regular benefits.

Airtel TalkMore Bundle


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