INEC Voters Card Reprint: How to Print Temporary Voters Card

How to print temporary voters card The temporary voter’s card is issued to voters temporarily before they receive the permanent voter’s card (PVC). It serves as a provisional identification document until the PVC is issued. However, individuals with the temporary voter’s card are typically not allowed to vote during elections, as the PVC is the … Read more

Kaduna South Postal Code | ZIP Code (2024) – FULL LIST

Kaduna South, located in Kaduna State, Nigeria, is divided into several postal code zones to facilitate mail delivery and services tailored to specific locations. This urban center is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, educational institutions, industries, diverse population, and vibrant markets. The postal code system in Kaduna South plays a crucial role in ensuring … Read more

How to Retrieve BVN Without Phone Number and Online (2024)

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NIMC Verification Portal (2024)- How to Verify NIN Online

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How to Check & Retrieve My Lost Voters Card Online in Nigeria

In case of loss or damage, questions arise about how to check my lost voters’ card online in Nigeria and how to obtain a replacement. A voter must possess a voters’ card to participate in the voting process. It is also required for accreditation during an election to help officials identify voters. To vote, it’s … Read more

Ibadan North Postal Code | ZIP Code (2024) – FULL LIST

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Voters Card Validation Portal – How to Check if it’s Valid

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has a portal called the Voters Card Validation Portal. This portal allows Nigerians to check information about their voter’s card. On the Voters Card Validation portal, you can: To use the portal, go to Once you open the page, the first text you’ll see is Welcome to the … Read more

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